Heat generation by means of biomass combustion

Biomass understood as forest fuel used to provide heat.

Some relevant factors relating to this type of energy:

  • Renewable energy: this is renewed automatically, is infinite and also creates many jobs.
  • Economic savings: it costs much less than other energy sources such as diesel oil, gasoline or propane and also does not undergo major price fluctuations.
  • Local: energy obtained within national territory without the need to rely on foreign countries.
  • Abundant: Spain is the third European country in terms of raw material reserves.


With this model contract EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) also known as "turnkey", Aresol Group designs installation, carried out the engineering and the project management and execution.

In this way, the customer gets the certainty cost used in the project and becomes the owner of the installation enjoying significant economic savings, environmental, etc.

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The company ESE (Energy Services Company) designs and build the installation, and even more finances and operates it.

The success of this model is that the client, without assuming any investment, get savings and total guarantee of supply and service at a pre-agreed price for a long period of time, after that you will have the option to buy the installation

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A Red de Calor (District Heating) is a manufacturer of hot water for heating (steam for industrial processes) which supplies to different buildings (housing, industry, district of a city, etc..)

In this case, the size of the project makes the savings are even greater with biomass because of the investment/spend ratio in fuel is less, so that you can obtain much higher benefits.

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Aresol Mobile Heating (AMH) is a type of biomass model based on mobile biomass heating systems.

The customer pays a fixed part as rent, and a variable part for what they use. This model contract is especially interesting for segments with middle powers and buildings that have outdoor areas to locate the AMH.

Very common in hotels and nursing homes located in rural areas.

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