Biomass for the boiler room at the Polarier Tilsa Laundry

Residencia de ancianos Perales del Campos
Biomass at an old people’s home in Perales del Campo
21 January, 2015
Biomasa en Comunidad de Logroño
Biomass for Community in Calle Belchite, Logroño
19 January, 2015
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Biomasa en Lavandería Polarier Tilsa

Biomass boiler room to supply steam in the industrial laundry process.

Technology used: Biomass.
This is a superheated biomass steam boiler installed in an industrial laundry. It serves an industrial laundry with a maximum demand of 2,000 kg/h of steam at a pressure of 11 bar.

NOMINAL POWER 2.000 kg/h - 11 bar
FUEL Chips, Almond shells
LOCATION Palma de Mallorca (Islas Baleares)