Heat generation based on hybrid technology at the Logroño slaughterhouse

Posicionamiento módulos solares
Improved positioning of photovoltaic solar modules in grid-connected installations on the roofs of buildings
14 February, 2015
Sofware de Predicción para Instalaciones Solares
Short-Term Electric Power Generation Prediction Software
13 February, 2015
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Tecnología híbrida en el Matadero de Logroño

Heat generation system based on the combination of renewable technologies - geothermal, solar thermal and biomass - at the Logroño slaughterhouse.

Creation of an experimental laboratory to evaluate the degree of contribution and optimization of a thermal power generation system with three-way supply based on biomass, geothermal and solar thermal energy. To achieve this, the supply of thermal energy from two minority sources - solar thermal and geothermal energy - to the cold-water circuit of a condensate return tank of a steam boiler fuelled by biomass is controlled. The project was developed at the municipal slaughterhouse in Logroño.

The installed system comprises the following:

one 1-MW biomass burner coupled to an existing steam boiler
four solar thermal collectors measuring 2 m2 each
one 5.9 Kw geothermal pump