Mini Hydropower Plants in Chile

Biomass at the Torre de Ona Winery of Grupo Rioja Alta
15 December, 2014
Matadero Municipal de Logroño
Hybrid (biomass, solar and geothermal) for steam at the Logroño slaughterhouse
18 November, 2014
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Mini hydropower run-of-river plants

Technology used: Hydropower.


  • Source of non-conventional renewable energy. Clean, safe and sustainable energy.
  • Mini power plants combine in perfect harmony with other production activities such as agriculture, forestry and tourism. They do not flood lands, they do not consume or contaminate water.
  • They replace oil, carbon and gas and reduce dependence on foreign fuels.
  • Strong domestic demand for energy based on fossil and foreign fuels causes energy prices to rise and slows down the development of the national economy. NCREs reinforce competitiveness in the electricity market, reduce energy costs and promote the development of the national economy.
  • A mini plant generates benefits for the community during the construction phase and also during its operation, stimulating economic activity in rural areas and contributing to local and national development.
  • The mini power plants are located close to consumers, reduce transmission losses, improve the quality of the local electricity network, guarantee supply during transport network failures and are very safe in the event of natural disasters.