One of the objectives that the Aresol Group has pursued and continues to pursue is excellence in each and every one of its products and services. Therefore, the quality and professionalism of the firm is indisputable and an intrinsic component of the company's DNA.

As proof of this, in 2009 the Aresol Group received the European Quality Award (European Foundation for Quality Management) based on the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Model. Broadly speaking, the Aresol Group presented the following factors to achieve this award:

  • Leadership and consistency for the stakeholders of the Aresol Group, i.e. customers, suppliers, work teams, etc.
  • Objective: achieve customer satisfaction..
  • Liderazgo y coherencia with completed actions; achievements are the result of the good work of the Aresol Group team.
  • Internal management of the company based on processes and also through departments, providing efficiency and effectiveness in real terms, taking into account all associated stakeholders in the process.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the Aresol Group.
  • Involvement of the members of the work team, making them participants in the process, allowing them to identify and want to work closely with the brand. They shape the image of the Aresol Group.
  • Learning, innovation and evolution as the policy of the brand and the members of the different teams. Work and personal and collective (company) improvement to achieve goals.
  • The Aresol Group operates in foreign countries like Brazil or Chile where it has created a series of alliances enabling it to offer the same quality and professionalism as in Spain. These alliances are based on trust and the need to achieve a common goal.