Solutions for Companies

What can we do?

Offer companies the benefits of renewable energy by applying the technological know-how of our multidisciplinary engineering team.

Each project is a challenge and a customized solution for which we have developed the EPC system: full integration of renewable energies in the company, traceability of processes from start to finish, without any investment on the part of the customer since the Aresol Group will finance the operation, expenses and maintenance, offering full warranty and flexibility.

We use Renewable Energies to...

Provide companies with heating, hot water or industrial steam, without the need for any investment and generating substantial savings on their energy bills.

We improve company certification through the use of renewable energies, with savings in production costs, reduction of the carbon footprint and the development of an environmentally-friendly image and reputation that guarantees positive business and social results.

We produce electricity from the sun, water or wind to reduce company electricity consumption costs.

We provide returns for our investors, with the guarantee and traceability of knowing that their investments are not only profitable but also produce lasting benefits for society.

And much more...

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Some examples of developed projects for companies