Solutions for Local Councils and Institutions

What can we do?

The Aresol Group can offer renewable energy solutions for any type of institution, whereby such institutions do not have to invest time in management and maintenance, with the peace of mind that these facilities will be operated with the utmost professionalism.

We use Renewable Energies to...

Reduce pollution in your town or city through the use of renewable energies.

Optimize the necessary implementation of energy efficiency through the use of urban heating networks that ensure lasting savings and maximum comfort for citizens.

Savings in lighting through the use of solar street lighting or heating through the use of solar panels.

The use of biomass, solar energy or geothermal energy generates significant savings in many buildings, municipal swimming pools, libraries, slaughterhouses, etc.

And much more….

Do you need another type of solution?

Some of our projects for Local Councils and Institutions