Solutions for Private Customers

What can we do?

Private customers can simply enjoy the comfort and peace of mind of working with the Aresol Group, which, through a fully comprehensive and personalized service, will ensure the satisfaction of the most demanding users.

The Aresol Group's experience over the years has shown it that proximity, professional service and quality of service for private customers is a crucial advantage that it must never ignore since these customers are the reason for its existence.

We use Renewable Energy to...

We can supply electricity to your country home, however isolated it may be, to power your well or refrigerator, and everything you need to ensure your comfort. The sun and wind are our allies.

If you need heating and hot water, the sun and forest biomass are the perfect solutions. They will also allow you to enjoy significant savings and improve the environmental rating of your property as a non-polluting home.

By using geothermal energy your home will save on heating and air conditioning permanently thanks to the heat available within our planet.

And much more...

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Some of our projects for Private customers