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The Aresol Group is Renewable Energy Solutions

What is the Aresol Group?

The Aresol Group is a business group capable of developing full renewable energy projects, from their design through to their full operation, including technical development, construction, maintenance, financing, sale, rental, etc.








The Group was founded by brothers Joaquín and Raúl Sáenz. Through dedication and hard work, they have successfully led a group of companies to improve the development of renewable energies and grow together with their customers, offering not only an excellent product/service but also the necessary trust and proximity achieved after years of continuous work.

Today, the Aresol Group is present in the Spanish and international markets with the firm aim of exporting its know-how and experience in renewables to all feasible markets. The Aresol Group is fully aware that its size and form of development are built on the satisfaction of its customers and investors.

We grow with the support of our customers and in the way that best satisfies their needs.


years of experience

The Aresol Group was founded as one of the first companies to specialize in renewables in Spain.


Today, the Aresol Group is present in Spain, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and China, developing different kinds of projects.


Total projects and installations completed by the Aresol Group.

installed capacity

Total installed capacity in megawatts.

CO2 reduction

Total CO2 emissions in thousands of tons that the Aresol Group stops emitting at all its facilities.

How do we do it?

The Aresol Group has a multidisciplinary team that provides renewable energy solutions from the initial idea through to its implementation and maintenance.

The sales and marketing department has a number of advisers with extensive technical knowledge who are responsible for contacting customers and preparing proposals adapted to their preferences and the characteristics of their facilities, adapting the best renewable energy solutions for each specific case. As soon as a project is given the green light, the engineering department starts work on designing the facilities, working jointly with the operating team in the execution of the project. Meanwhile, another team in the engineering department is responsible for the administrative and legal aspects of the project.

Finally, the customer can simply enjoy the virtues of renewable energies, leaving the maintenance work to the operating professionals and guaranteeing a personal and professional service at all times.

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