Research, Development and Innovation

Research, Development and Innovation

R&D&I Grupo Aresol

The Aresol Group has amassed 30 years' of experience working in the field of renewable energies. This is an important achievement in statistical terms, stemming from its ability to adapt to changing times, to the development of technology and research and innovations in the energy sector, as well as sufficient elasticity to avoid external obstacles and continue working through diversification and expansion.

All this is the result of the Aresol Group's commitment to research, development and innovation, the only key to achieving the established objectives and guiding the firm on its path to excellence in the work to which it is so strongly dedicated.

Renewable energies come from nature and require a great deal of research into natural resources, energy sources, the development and adaptation of companies to society, as well as the ability of companies to create new renewable energy applications through new products and services fully adapted to market demands.

The Aresol Group applies its expertise and know-how in many R&D&I projects. Some examples are presented in the projects section.

Seguidor Solar Corregido

Adjusted solar tracker